Smart Sympodium ID350

Just a relatively short post reviewing the use of the Sympodium ID350 for teaching and learning. We have been using these interactive screens for the past two years and they are relatively solid with Hardware that is fairly timeless. However the ID350 is no longer supported officially by Smart and Smart say the product does not support Windows 7.

With the above mentioned don’t think you have to throw out your Sympodiums as they do work with Windows 7 (and with Windows *8 – tested on the release preview version). The only advice I would add is that you may need to buy need pens as these seem to have a life span of about two years with or without use. When we upgraded to Windows 7 we have a lot of Symoodiums acting erratically when the pens came within 5cms of the screen. We tried many different options with the software and drivers and we were even going to try and make our own drivers until we shelled out the ~£100 for a replacement pen.

Going forward I believe the Sympodium offers a better solution to interactive whiteboards as it doesn’t required it to locked-down to a single location and cost is favourable compared to the larger options. In the planned expansion of our campus we would install more of these devices not only in teaching and learning areas but also in meeting and collaboration spaces.


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